Welcome to the Running Concierge

You run on roads, and have done for a while, but you’d like to do a bit more exploring, maybe move onto trails. You love the idea of running in the Lake District, but don’t know where to start.

That’s where I come in. I’ve lived in the area most of my life. I know loads of the less well-trodden trails, and some surprising ways to see the most amazing views. I can also amaze you with some of the history of the area, and explain what youre seeing from the ice age through to Vikings, Romans and the modern day.


I’ll arrange a bespoke trip to the Lakes, and make all the arrangements you’d like me to, from arranging your train, to transfer, to the accommodation and restaurant reservations. Then on top, I’ll guide you along the trails, enabling you to take in the amazing sights that we offer up here.

I’m also fortunate to have some truly incredible friends from authors to poets to international athletes. We can tickle your cultural or culinary tastebuds, and leave you with a truly unique experience

I’m the Running Concierge, my name is Wayne….

Get in touch

You can contact me on Whatsapp – 07793 532830 or use the form on my contact page.